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3v3 Jamboree


The 3v3 Jamboree concept was formed in an effort to provide local, competitive games where players get tons of touches on the ball, develop stamina, and lax IQ. We believe in a comprehensive approach to building the lacrosse community in Moore County. We want kids to have options to pick up a stick and play, practice, watch, and compete! This is a great formula to help grow the game and develop athletes. 
WHAT: Small-sided 3v3 tournament, 4 8-minute games (3 regular games plus 1 first place and 3rd place game)
WHO: Various age divisions
WHERE: Location in Moore County, most likely Pinehurst
HOW: Players register individually and get placed on a team prior to the event. 
EQUIPMENT REQUIRED: Stick (available to borrow) and mouthguard (can purchase inexpensive ones at Walmart, Amazon, etc.)
COST: $30 and US Lacrosse Membership is required
-Soft, swax lax ball will be used
-A coin toss will be used to determine starting possession. 
-Teams will line up across from each other at midfield (similar to soccer). There are no draws/faceoffs, the ball changes possession after ever goal. 
-After a goal, the team that was scored on will restart the game by collecting the ball and starting behind the crease. All other players must be 5 yards away from the player in possession of the ball. The player with the ball may restart with a pass or running/cradling.
-One pass (or attempted pass) must be made on offense before a team can score, and you can’t score from the defensive side of midfield. 
-If a penalty is called, everyone must be 5 yards away from the player awarded the ball, all penalties are indirect (player cannot score from the restart, must pass first)
-Running clock, no timeouts. 
-This event is about the players and growing the game. We encourage positive language only from parents/fans
1. No, body to body, or body to stick contact 
2. Maintain control of your body at all times 
3. No covering the ball with your stick or body 
4. Other than using your foot, no intentionally playing the ball off the body. 
5. No entering the crease with your body on offense OR defense (except to get the ball out of the goal after a shot is scored).
 6. No dangerous propelling (passing or shooting through someone, or passing or shooting without looking first; it is the responsibility of the person with the ball to make a safe pass or shot) 
7. No dangerous follow through with the stick (following your pass or shot) 
8. Respect your teammates and opponents at all times—use good sportsmanship

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